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Coming out of five years as a student in Ghent I collected five city songs that were written during 2010 and 2015. Choosing only five from the more than thirty similar Ghent songs I wrote the past years was not easy, but I think I ultimately got a good mix of old and new that needed to be heard.

From getting out on the road to enjoy a sudden midnight romance in Ghent’s party lane, a tribute to the many people living in the shadows and an evening of Guinness and nostalgia in a dark, brown pub, For The Road is a short but hopefully true album. Many, many songs were left out – killing your darlings always is the hardest thing – but I’m sure they will see the light of day another time.

I could not be happier that these old songs finally have a good home – and hopefully have been done justice  – and that people enjoy the newer ones. Thank you for reading this and supporting Jim Cain. One chapter's closed, we'll write another one on the road.

Produced, written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Michiel Vaernewyck.
All songs written/produced/performed by Michiel Vaernewyck, except for “Missy Bimbo & Her One-Shot Romeo”, which includes Jonas Tiebout on bass.

Album cover photograph: Kanunnikstraat by sunset.

Thanks to so many people, but I’m sure I will forget many.

As always all my love to Harald & Dorien for their big hearts and dedication to their own and, in this case, my music. Your time and passion is much appreciated. No retreat, no surrender.

Thanks to my great friend Jonas who delivered a great bass part for ‘Missy Bimbo’. Sorry I put it off for so long, but here you are. Also he – sometimes unknowingly – played a big part in the events surrounding most of these songs. One for the road, Johnny!

Thanks to my parents and all the great friends who have contributed (in)directly to the making of these songs: Harald, Dorien, Jonas, Chloë, Lien, Joke, Helena, Caroline, Frisine, Yolan, Jos, Mieke and so many others. You’re great!

Enjoy the music!

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