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It's All Here (CD)

It's All Here (CD)

10,00 €Prijs

1. For Terry
2. All That Is Ever Lost
3. Passing Through
4. What Else Can We Do
5. Arcade At Night
6. South Country Girl
7. Tomorrow’s Time
8. It’s All Here
9. Your Great Return


Guitar, piano and vocals by Michiel Vaernewyck
Electric guitar by Elisa De Pauw
Clarinet by Kobe Ardui
Saxophone by Luiz Márquez
Backing vocals by Erika Severyns

All music, arrangements and lyrics by Michiel Vaernewyck

Recording by Michiel Vaernewyck

Mix by Michiel Vaernewyck / Poncho is not amused Ponch Oman
Mastering by Ponch Oman
at Dead Cow Studio

Artwork: Elvira PF (Bricks and Wings)

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